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5 Things to do with your Psychic Abilities

Updated: Apr 20

Okay, so you discovered you're psychic. Maybe you've found yourself wondering, "What now?"

Here are 5 things to do with your psychic ability.

Woman meditating in a hut

1) Unleash your creativity

If you've ever found yourself in a creative rut and and are looking for a way out, look to your inner eye for inspiration. While any kind of creative block can be frustrating, learning to listen to your intuition can make finding inspiration easier. The more you practice remote viewing or other psychic practices, the brighter your intuitive spark grows making it easier to connect with your inspiration!

When you feel blocked, try turning inward. Think of it like this, your inspiration is the target for a personal remote viewing session.

2) Make Better Choices

Do you ever find yourself in the position of making a decision but then second guess it, and then only to find out later that your first guess was the right one? When using your psychic abilities, the answer comes to you almost instantly. It might feel almost too easy- making second guessing a common problem. As you improve upon on your psychic abilities, you find that you begin to trust that inner voice more often- leading to more correct choices.

The next time you're faced with a decision- trust your gut. If you get it wrong, that's okay! Think about what it felt like to make the wrong choice and compare it to a situation when you got it right. Over time, you'll begin to feel the difference between your gut choices and those that aren't.

3) Find your lost keys

I know. It sounds super mundane. But consider how much smoother life could be if you used your abilities to make things a little easier. You’re psychic. The more you use it, the better you become. So why not integrate it for the small things in your life?

When you're at home, try turning the more mundane uses of psychic abilities into fun mini-games. You can try everything from remote viewing how much and what type of mail will be in the mailbox, intuiting lost household items, sensing the location of your pets (our cats love to find random cozy hiding places), or anything else.

4) No Barriers to Knowledge

Time and space are of no consequence to your psychic abilities. You can access all information from past, present, and future. If it can exist, you can know it. That's the amazing part of being psychic.

So what is there to know in an infinite universe? Anything you want to know! The lack of spacetime barriers means the answer to your question is just a remote viewing session away.

5) Self-Discovery

Some meditative practices use internal listening to "hear" our inner voice to help us gain insights about ourselves and the world around us. As you practice with SEE Psychic Trainer, that inner voice may become louder. Learning to trust that voice is the goal here- as is it for the previous items in our list.

Shaman's and other healers know that healing comes from within- meaning we must connect with our true selves in order to heal. Self-discovery is the process of seeing ourselves as we are without the filters we've constructed. Thus, more we know about ourselves the better versions of ourselves we can become.

One way to approach it is as a remote viewing session. The target is the answer to a question you want to know about yourself. Being open to new possibilities is key to making headway here. This means being open to answers you might otherwise be unsure of or, at first glance, disagree with. That's why learning to trust that inner voice is so valuable.

We have it within our selves to discover our true selves! Using your psychic abilities can help you get there.

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