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It’s Time. Take the Journey.

Updated: Apr 20

A beautiful time lapse of snowy mountain at night.

The journey to harnessing your psychic abilities is a fun and exploratory adventure that takes a very minor

leap of faith. That first hop is just accepting that you can do this. Strengthening psychic communication is just the process of learning how to use one’s third eye. 👁👁👁 Everyone has a connection so why not try to find it? It’s just as exciting as it sounds! Once you find a good method of discovery, practice regularly and continue learning… you will come to SEE that the magic was ALREADY inside of you!

Now, we aren’t saying that extremely talented psychics don’t already exist, of course they do! We are finding more all the time! 😊 But even highly gifted professionals practice their craft. For those just learning to use their psychic abilities, it’s a great first step just to start with the basics.


Just like any effort at picking up a new skill we each have our own learning styles and needs. While we absolutely recommend downloading our app, SEE Psychic Trainer, there are many Remote Viewing professional instructors and even some free instructional material available online that offers a variety of styles and methods that may work better for you. The most important thing is to keep trying until you find the method that works best. Hopefully you’ll come back to practice your favorite methods on SEE and share your results! We are all exploring this journey of discovery together and sharing helps us improve. ❤️


You don’t have to be good at meditating to use the app but my personal method has become a very meditative practice for me. Setting aside my mind in the morning while using SEE has turned much of my ‘phone time’ into my ‘connection time’ and I love that I have an activity that does this for me.

Ultimately, turning on your third eye is a very inspiring endeavor on a personal and spiritual level. We are very glad to be sharing this important first step to what we feel will eventually become mass acceptance of psychic abilities. Now all that’s left is to SEE what you can do!



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